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RADIUS BLACK IRON A-BOARD| 22" x 28" poster size

RADIUS BLACK IRON A-BOARD| 22" x 28" poster size

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RADIUS BLACK IRON A-BOARD| 22" x 28" poster size

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Do you want to attract the passersby in your street? This metal black a-board will satisfy your needs for outdoor signage, with its sturdy steel, durable construction. It is a double-sided pavement sign which is visible from different aspects to display your 22" x 28" graphics. The magnetic lenses keep the graphic in place, and they are easily removed to insert in new graphics. The magnetic lens also covers the poster and protects from moisture and damages. You simply push your finger through the hole on the back of the display, lift off the magnetic lens and insert a new signage. There is a top rounded portion of the metal black a-board which gives it a charming and mild look with its round shape and glossy black background. You can display vinyl graphics for instance your company logo or your brand messages in that header area.

Say what you have to say in that black a-board and attract the people passing by!

  • Stable & heavy pavement sign, used from both sides.
  • There is a magnetic cover placed over the poster.
  • The poster sizes are:
    19 11/16 inch (500 mm) x 27 9/16 inch (700 mm)
    27 9/16 inch (700 mm) x 39 3/8 inch (1000 mm)
  • Suitable for highly frequented public areas.
  • Product is packed as single assembled unit.
  • No tool assembly.
  • Finger hole allows for an easy change of the poster.
  • Header is standard supplied and provides space for corporate logo.
  • Heavy steel feet provide stability.
  • Backing tray is galvanized in standard product.


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