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SATIN PREMIUM A-BOARD| 30" x 40" poster size

SATIN PREMIUM A-BOARD| 30" x 40" poster size

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SATIN PREMIUM A-BOARD| 30" x 40" poster size

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Outdoor signage is very effective to attract customers passing by. If you want your monthly specials, your deals, sales events and promotions to be seen in every direction this sandwich board, with double-sided display , is one of the best options. There is an header area for extra messages or your logo. Besides it is very easy to change your 22" x 28" posters thanks to its aluminium snap frames. Simply flip open all four edges and place the poster behind the protective, anti glare, clear lens. Snap the edges closed to secure your poster. It fulfills all basic needs, and is very cost effective. Maybe one of the most economical of the pavement signs . It is very sturdy, weather resistant and durable thanks to its aluminium construction. Should be dully noted that although weather resistant, product is not intended for use in inclement weather, including high winds, rainstorms, extreme heat or snow storms.

These pavement signs are opened and closed by the two metal hinges at both sides. These hinges assure that the sign will not tip or fall over. To store or transport the signage, you just fold the a-frame together.

This heavy duty pavement sign is in matte black finish, having two snap open frames on both sides. Snap open frames are easy to use, simly flip up the profiles, take off the protective overlay and place in the requested poster. The protective anti glare overlay is resistant to ourdoor weather conditions, protecting the poster from dust and damage.

  • This heavy duty pavement sign is a perfect use for displaying posters and advertising signs with your own logo.
  • Provides practical use, quick change-poster and logo.
  • The replaceable aluminum composite plate is an ideal spot for a logo or a permanent message, suitable for outdoor conditions.
  • You can print your logo directly or laminate on aluminum composite plate.
  • The frame is hinged for easy transport and storage, with a locking stay to secure when open.


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