New York Blackboard






  • $40.00

    Document a child's growth and personality with a Progress Board. Informative and fun, these multi-functional boards can be used from the newborn to preschool development stages. Lam Rite Non-Magnetic Chalkboard Surface. Includes chalk and eraser. 1/4" Thick 18" x 24" Gender neutral colors and information...

  • $245.00

    Combination One Side Green Porcelain Steel Magnetic Chalkboard Reverse Side White Porcelain Steel Marker Board Key Features: • Classroom Quality • Easy to Write & Erase • Both Sides Magnetic Receptive  • Lifetime Warranty on Surfaces • Included Colored Chalk & Felt Eraser • One Black Dry-Erase Marker & Felt ..


Build products that inform, inspire and function well for years to come.

New York Blackboard is a design manufacturer with nearly 70 years experience serving visual communicators in and around the New York Metropolitan Area and country. We began in the 1940's supplying and crafting many of the beautiful chalkboards seen in older schools.