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WALL SIGN | 12"w x 4"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver

WALL SIGN | 12"w x 4"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver


WALL SIGN | 12"w x 4"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver

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These wall signs that are perfect tool to help direct traffic through organization or business.

This door signs made of anodized aluminum that makes this product very durable. This signage display can last for many years to come. This sign holder is an affordable way to display emergency exit signs, room numbers, department titles of office employees. The curved design, silver finish enables this product to easily coordinate with any decor match the interior of most spaces.

These signage displays, wall signs are sold without graphics. End users can then print their own artwork using a regular printer. Non-glare pet cover protect prints from dirt or getting damaged. Each of these wall signs come with double-sided adhesive tape on the back. Customers can attach the product on most flat surfaces easily. This sign holders are perfect for use in office, conference rooms, meeting rooms and even reception areas.


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