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WALL SIGN | 5"w x 3"h Poster Size Flat Cap Silver

WALL SIGN | 5"w x 3"h Poster Size Flat Cap Silver


WALL SIGN | 5"w x 3"h Poster Size Flat Cap Silver

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Stick one of these 5"w x 3"h poster size wall signs to inform the people and lead them to the correct direction in an organization.

These signage systems are made from silver anodized aluminum and hence are very durable, and suitable for re-usage. The door signs have a sleek, curved design to ensure a professional and classy look. The neutral color and simple design go with any setting. You can mount them in both vertical and horizontal orientation.

Remember the signholders do not come with the graphic. You have to have your 3" x 5" custom graphics printed; either room numbers for hotels or name and title tags for offices. It is all up to you! You can use a regular printer or a local print house can print it for you.

Inserting and reloading the graphic in the signage display is easy and quick. The suction cup included, helps to lift the non-glare lens for insert loading. The non-glare lens, covering the insert, protects your prints from dust and keeps them undamaged. It also prevents light reflections and provide better visibility of the graphic.


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