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WALL SIGN | 9"w x 4-3/16"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver

WALL SIGN | 9"w x 4-3/16"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver


WALL SIGN | 9"w x 4-3/16"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver

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These updateable office signs are great communication solutions combining practicality and professional decor. The metal fitting blends well with the office décor in any color or style. Constructed from anodized aluminum with plastic end caps these wall displays provide durability for many years.

These lobby signholders are for interior use andinclude an anti-glare protective lens against damages and double-sided VHB tape on the back to glue them on the flat surfaces horizontally or vertically. The signs can be quickly and easily updated by simply lifting the overlay and inserting the prints underneath without any tools required. They can also be used as wayfinding or directory displays by attaching multiple frames to the wall in a grouping to direct new employees and visitors to the right location. Fixing availability with screws or adhesive tape both in landscape and portrait positions.

These business signholder frames are cost-effective way to provide information changing constantly Once bought, the only cost in making signs is that of a print as the artwork is not included allowing you to use a customized graphic. That’s why these nameplates are favored by banks, hospitals, schools, studios and other corporate offices.


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New York Blackboard is a design manufacturer with nearly 70 years experience serving visual communicators in and around the New York Metropolitan Area and country. We began in the 1940's supplying and crafting many of the beautiful chalkboards seen in older schools.