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WALL SIGN | 15"w x 6"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver

WALL SIGN | 15"w x 6"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver


WALL SIGN | 15"w x 6"h Poster Size Arc Cap Silver

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Informative signage save lives, and are very helpful to people navigating hospitals, museums, hotels, restaurants, art lobbies and elsewhere. Besides being informative this interior name display makes your facility look professional thanks to the durable, anodized aluminum material it is made of. You can change the insert and re-use the wall sign multiple times, and you can mount it either vertically or horizontally. For insert updates,remove the front non-glare lens using the provided suction cup and place your 15"w x 5-7/8"h insert underneath the lens.

The door signage holder, also known as office poster holder, features double-sided adhesive tape on the back for easy wall-mounting and can be mounted to most flat surfaces. The non-glare lens that comes with these name plates are to prevent light reflection and to protect the graphic from wear and tear.

Remember, the graphic holders do not come with the graphics pre-installed. Whatever you want to display in your name plaques, you can have them designed and printed at a local print shop.

These informative door frames will be very helpful to lead the people in the right direction.


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