New York Blackboard


Our company has been manufacturing for 70 years in and around New York City. We began in the 1940's crafting many of the beautiful slate chalkboards found in schools. By the 60’s our Soho Shop was producing display boards for schools, offices, restaurants and homes.

A need for more space brought us to our current location in Hillside, New Jersey. From here we design, build and distribute to customers across the country. We will continue to develop new products that complement our classic offerings and remain consistent with our purpose.

New York Exchange

1970, New York Cocoa Exchange

Original Sandwich Board

1980, Original Sidewalk A-Frame Sandwich Board, Hand Lettered.

New York Blackboard Van

1976, At 139 Spring Street, NYC

Shop Crosby Street NYC

1983, Shop at 45 Crosby Street, NYC

Hirshborn Museum Chalkboards

1977-1979, Joseph Beuys New York Blackboard- Chalkboards in Hirshhorn Museum

Joseph Beuys Eraser

1974, Joseph Beuys Signed New York Blackboard Eraser

Chalkboard Corkboard Catalog

1950, Educational Catalog

Educational Catalog

1974, Educational and Office Catalog

Hospitality Catalog

1996, Educational, Office, and Hospitality Catalog


Build products that inform, inspire and function well for years to come.

New York Blackboard is a design manufacturer with nearly 70 years experience serving visual communicators in and around the New York Metropolitan Area and country. We began in the 1940's supplying and crafting many of the beautiful chalkboards seen in older schools.