New York Blackboard




  • $3.00

    Skilcraft Dry-Erase markers are compatible with whiteboards, glass and other non-porous surfaces.   These markers are purchased from Light House in Dallas.   Light House creates jobs and promotes the quality of life and independence for people who are blind and visually impaired.   Erases streak-free 5" H ..

  • $4.00

    Premium felt Whiteboard eraser ensures better cleaning and longer life on whiteboard surfaces. Recycled Felt Material 4" H x 1.5" W x 1" D Simple, Solid Construction ..

  • $5.00

    The Expo Spray cleaning formula is designed to deeply clean all dry-erase surfaces. Removes shadows, ghosting and stains.   Non-toxic liquid formula Size: 8 fluid ounces Ink is low-odor and certified AP non-toxic for safe use ..


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New York Blackboard is a design manufacturer with nearly 70 years experience serving visual communicators in and around the New York Metropolitan Area and country. We began in the 1940's supplying and crafting many of the beautiful chalkboards seen in older schools.