!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!
!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!

5 Reasons To Use Glass Track Patient Boards In Hospitals

Are glass track patient boards the key to better hospital communication? 5 reasons to believe

The significance of using patient boards in hospitals cannot be overlooked, whether they are made from traditional material or glass. However, glass track patient boards have distinct advantages over other options. Keep reading to learn the benefits of glass track patient boards that help enhance the healthcare experience for patients and healthcare providers. 

Importance of Patient Boards in Hospitals

Here’s how patient boards play a critical role in patient care:

Help Avoid Errors and Confusion

  • Patient boards are extremely useful in a hospital setting, especially since nurses and staff often work long hours with many different patients. After several consecutive 12-hour shifts, it's easy to mix up patients, symptoms, and diagnoses. Patient boards help prevent these errors and confusion by providing a clear and organized way to keep track of vital information.

Enhance Patient Comfort and Staff Coordination

  • Patients often feel uneasy in hospitals, but they can find comfort in knowing which staff members will care for them each day. This familiarity helps build trust and a sense of security, making their hospital stay less stressful. Glass patient boards play a crucial role in facilitating this communication by clearly displaying the names and roles of attending staff members. 

By providing this information, patient boards help patients feel more connected to their caregivers, enhancing their overall hospital experience. This transparency also aids in coordination among the staff, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding patient care. 

Benefits of Glass Track Patient Boards

  • Given that nearly every hospital relies on patient boards for daily operations, many are now opting for modern glassboards. The switch to glassboards reflects a commitment to enhancing communication, organization, and patient satisfaction in the hospital setting. 

These updated tools offer numerous benefits:

Long-Term Cost Savings

  • While glass trackboards may have a higher initial cost than traditional whiteboards, they are much more cost-effective in the long run. When considering lifespan, a traditional whiteboard might cost half as much initially, but if heavily used, you'll need to replace it every 5-10 years. 

In contrast, a glass whiteboard won't stain or streak and rarely needs replacement, making it a more economical choice over time. 

Superior Hygiene and Cleanliness 

  • Glass track patient boards offer a superior level of cleanliness that traditional options can't match. They are made from non-porous, natural materials and can be sanitized and sterilized repeatedly without compromising their integrity. 

Traditional whiteboards, however, are made from porous, synthetic materials that can absorb inks and develop small scratches where bacteria can accumulate. Over time, these boards can become stained, and their glossy white surfaces can turn a murky gray. Glass track boards, on the other hand, remain pristine and hygienic, ensuring a cleaner environment.

Sleek and Modern Appearance

  • Using glass whiteboards demonstrates that your hospital is committed to using cutting-edge products, not only in medical equipment but in all aspects of care. Glass trackboards give your hospital a clean, modern, and advanced look while helping to keep information organized with a sleek appearance. This modern approach helps convey your commitment to quality and innovation.

Customizable Inserts 

  • glass track patient boards
    Glass track patient boards’ interchangeable and antimicrobial inserts offer endless opportunities for customization. From a simple arrangement for daily schedules to a more intricate setup for patient information, you have the flexibility to create the perfect layout for your healthcare setting.

In addition, the antimicrobial inserts actively inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. This feature helps maintain a hygienic environment, reduces the risk of cross-contamination, and promotes patient safety.

Enhance your hospital's efficiency and hygiene with our state-of-the-art glass track patient boards. Made from durable tempered glass and designed for easy sanitation, our patient boards offer endless layout opportunities with interchangeable inserts. Call us at (973) 926-1600 to upgrade your facility today.

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