!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!
!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!

Wood Framed Bulletin Boards

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Wood Framed Bulletin Board

The wood frame bulletin board is ideal for home, office, or classroom use. It looks stylish and provides an extensive and easy-to-use mounting surface. The sophisticated wood frame adds a professional feel to any home or office area. The natural cork surface of the wooden bulletin board is self-healing.

It can easily resist the wear and tear caused by repeated staples or push pins. The dense board backing under the board’s surface allows thumbtacks and pushpins to be firmly gripped. This premium oak finish corkboard will add a stylish look to any space.

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board with Frame

Fabric-covered bulletin boards with frames are a stylish and sustainable way to display invitations, reminders, photos, and memories. The sturdy wood frame adds an exclusive look ideal for home, office, or commercial use. In addition, a framed fabric bulletin board can be designed in custom sizes and configurations.

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The wood frame complements both contemporary and traditional interiors in such a way that the boards look elegant even when they are empty. The excellent acoustic properties and availability of several color options make them famous. Brighten up your office, kitchen, or classroom with fabric-covered bulletin boards.

Forbo Fabric Bulletin Board with Wood Frame

Forbo fabric bulletin board is perfect for communication in public spaces. The material of the bulletin board is self-healing, resists holes formed by pins, and lasts a very long time. It allows users to display posters, notifications, drawings, or design work. In addition, it can also be used as a beautiful wall covering.

These boards come in an array of colors that coordinate well with wall paint and overall color scheme. Once a tack or staple is inserted, the Forbo fabric bulletin board keeps it secure. It can be ordered in any size, color, and configuration. Liven up hallways, conference rooms, playrooms, or any other space with the Forbo fabric bulletin board.

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