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7 Must-Know Pros And Cons Of Using Small Whiteboards In Classroom

7 surprising benefits and drawbacks of incorporating small whiteboards in your class

Small whiteboards are transforming the learning process in today's classrooms. They offer numerous benefits that enhance student involvement and understanding. Due to their effectiveness, these versatile boards are becoming popular teaching tools. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using small whiteboards in the classroom.

Pros Of Using Small Whiteboards

Encourage Participation

  • One noteworthy benefit of small whiteboards is their ability to encourage student involvement, making them a valuable tool in the classroom. By providing students with these compact boards, teachers can facilitate an interactive learning experience where every student has the chance to contribute actively. This cultivates a sense of ownership and engagement in learning, ultimately enhancing student motivation and attentiveness.

Quick Assessment

  • Mini whiteboards offer the advantage of providing immediate feedback, which is essential for assessing students' comprehension levels. Teachers can assess students' understanding as they respond to questions or solve problems on these boards.

This real-time feedback enables educators to adjust their teaching methods accordingly. Teachers can also address any confusion and ensure that all students are supported effectively.

Enhance Teamwork

  • Small whiteboards also excel in promoting peer collaboration and enhancing teamwork and communication skills among students. When students collaborate to solve problems or brainstorm ideas on these boards, they create a positive classroom environment. 

This collaborative approach encourages open discussions and allows students to work on each other's ideas, enriching the overall learning experience.

Offer Flexibility

  • Mini whiteboards offer remarkable versatility by fitting into different subjects and grade levels. From solving complex math problems to answering comprehension questions in language arts or participating in interactive quizzes during science class, these small boards can be used for a wide range of learning activities. 

Their adaptability allows teachers to incorporate them into various teaching scenarios, effectively enhancing student learning across different subjects and educational levels.

Provide a Medium to Express Thoughts

  • Traditional classroom dynamics can sometimes trigger anxiety in specific students, especially when they're expected to speak up or participate in discussions in front of their classmates. Mini whiteboards offer a practical solution by fostering a low-pressure atmosphere.

By allowing students to express their thoughts and opinions on the boards without fear of judgment, these tools boost confidence and promote active participation. This inclusive approach ensures that all students feel empowered to share their perspectives openly, contributing to a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

Pros Of Using Small Whiteboards

Require Regular Maintenance

  • Like any teaching tool, mini whiteboards need regular upkeep to maintain their effectiveness. Over time, these boards can gather stains and ghosting, which can reduce their usability.

Hence, educators need to have a whiteboard cleaning and erasing routine to keep the boards in prime condition. By properly caring for and maintaining the mini whiteboards, teachers ensure that they remain a valuable asset for an extended period.

May Cause Distractions

  • While mini whiteboards can enhance student engagement, they may also pose a distraction if not managed properly. To prevent distractions, teachers should establish clear guidelines and expectations for their use in the classroom. By setting these boundaries, educators can help students stay focused on the learning objectives, thereby optimizing the use of mini whiteboards.

Moreover, students can easily copy each other's answers from the whiteboard’s surface, compromising the reliability of the assessment method. However, teachers can mitigate this issue by thoughtfully designing tasks and fostering a supportive environment where students feel at ease making errors.

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