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Benefits of Using A Chalkboard - Why Should Teachers Use One?

Read on to learn the benefits of using a chalkboard

Although technological advancements such as highly visual interactive boards are becoming popular in educational systems, the benefits of a chalkboard cannot be overlooked. From regulating the pace of a class to enhancing teaching effectiveness, there are several benefits of chalkboards. Read on to learn why chalkboards are an essential teaching tool even today.

Improves Student Involvement In The Class

  • Classrooms become more enjoyable when both the teacher and the students participate. The chalkboard plays an integral part in student involvement. It allows teachers to invite students to display their understanding of the lecture on the chalkboard. When students take turns writing and answering questions physically on the chalkboard, they become more active and pay better attention to what is being taught in the class.

In addition, chalkboards enable students to present alternative perspectives, which helps other peers learn and develop innovative concepts. Therefore, chalkboards play a considerable role in assisting teachers in maintaining an active learning environment that otherwise becomes challenging with modern teaching methods.

Teaches Penmanship

  • Penmanship is the art of writing by hand using a unique tool such as a pen, pencil, or chalk. Chalkboards are one of the best ways of teaching students how to write. It is generally believed that chalkboards promote superior penmanship. Chalkboards allow students to observe their teachers, learn from them, and practice on a chalkboard. 

Young students are particularly fascinated with chalkboards and enjoy writing on them. Teachers can use this interest to bring students up to the chalkboard and encourage them to write. In addition, chalkboards with lines are sold to promote penmanship. Teachers can provide students with chalkboards to help them practice independently.

Regulates The Pace Of Teaching And Learning

  • A structured teaching style is key to keeping students engaged in the class. Student involvement is determined by the teacher’s style of presenting information to students. Teaching methods that are too fast or too slow can make students lose interest in the lecture. 

However, when chalkboards are used for teaching, students can better keep up with the instructor’s pace and pay more attention in class. This is because writing on a chalkboard while delivering the lecture is a task that involves moderate speed. This gives students enough time to grab new information and take notes. Hence, chalkboards are a great teaching aid that allows teachers to vary their pace to suit their students’ needs.

Boosts Student Comprehension

  • Another plus about writing on a chalkboard is allowing teachers to take visible cues from students. Judging by the student’s body language and facial expressions, a teacher can quickly determine the level of students’ understanding. Teaching with chalkboards is additionally beneficial for teachers who are in charge of managing a class with mixed learning abilities. 

Such a teacher should have flexibility within the teaching style. Regarding this, chalkboards allow teachers to make necessary adjustments instead of sticking to the pre-made lecture slides when students have difficulty grasping the knowledge. Content written on the chalkboard can be easily altered and displayed in a different style without the hassle.

Enhances Notetaking Ability Of Students

  • benefits of using a chalkboardThe notes written by the teacher on the chalkboard play a huge role in students’ understanding and, ultimately, their grades. Student notes are often incomplete and inadequate, as determined by a study conducted by the University of Michigan on the notetaking abilities of students. 

When notes are provided on the chalkboard, the chances of students taking correct notes are increased. In addition, when teachers write and draw related illustrations on the chalkboard, it helps hold students’ attention longer than a PowerPoint presentation.   

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