Different Types Of Whiteboard Surfaces And Their Features

Learn like a pro - Mastering the different types of whiteboard surfaces for maximum impact

From organizing and planning to brainstorming during work or study sessions, whiteboards offer various advantages. They are undoubtedly among the most effective tools for enhancing productivity and efficiency. However, with numerous whiteboard materials available in various types, selecting the most suitable one can be challenging. This article helps you recognize the most common types of dry-erase boards and their features.


  • Melamine is used in the production of a basic type of whiteboard that is compact and small in size. These boards consist of paper coated with resin to achieve a smooth and glossy surface. They are commonly found in households and educational settings like dormitories.

The following features make melamine boards a practical choice for those with limited budgets:

  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Equipped with a frame or trim

However, melamine whiteboards may retain ink marks, making it challenging to wipe the boards clean. While vigorous cleaning may remove the ink in most instances, it often leaves behind a residue known as whiteboard ghosting. Therefore, it is essential to invest in high-quality whiteboard surfaces from reputable companies.

Glass Whiteboards

  • Glass whiteboards are one of the best dry-erase boards known for their contemporary aesthetics. These modern boards bring a touch of sophistication to any space and are widely popular in newly remodeled offices and classrooms. They are made with tempered glass and are highly durable. They offer exceptional durability and are often considered a top choice for professional settings.

In addition, the smooth glass surface provides an ideal writing surface and will not leave any stains or marks behind on erasing. They offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic. Moreover, the frameless design and range of color options make it easy to match with any decor.

Key features of glass whiteboards include:

  • Constructed from durable, laminated safety glass
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Smooth, glossy surface free from dents
  • Does not retain residue or marker stains, even with frequent use

Painted Steel

  • Painted steel whiteboards are equipped with a steel surface coated in white paint. They are typically found in classrooms, conference rooms, home offices, and kitchens. Their metallic composition allows users to attach notes and photos to the board with ease. 

They offer a smooth writing surface. Moreover, they have a steel backing with a white base color and a clear performance coating, providing dry-erase functionality.

Noteworthy features of painted steel whiteboards include:

  • Smooth, clear coating facilitating effortless writing and erasing.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity with regular cleaning.
  • Typically framed with aluminum for added durability.
  • Offer a combination of affordability and quality performance.

They come in various styles and finishes, but the most high-performing painted steel boards are part of the nano-clean collection. These boards have a proprietary coating applied to their surface that seals the board at the nanoscale, making them more resistant to ink stains, ghosting, and scratches than standard painted steel whiteboards.

Porcelain-on-Steel or Enamel-on-Steel Whiteboard 

  • different types of whiteboard surfacesPorcelain steel whiteboard surfaces offer significantly enhanced durability compared to melamine boards due to their exceptionally hard writing surface. Enamel on steel is renowned as the most durable whiteboard surface available, with a hard-baked enamel finish that resists dents, scratches, stains, and ghosting.

Key features of porcelain-on-steel surfaces include:

  • Exceptional scratch resistance.
  • Their magnetic surface enables the use of magnets and magnetic accessories.
  • Non-absorbent surface prevents dry-erase or permanent marker ink from seeping in.
  • Ideal for daily use, these boards withstand extensive wear and tear, offering a lifespan of up to 50 years.

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