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8 Proven Methods To Remove Permanent Marker From Whiteboard

Here is the list of 8 proven methods to remove permanent marker from whiteboard

Permanent markers look deceptively similar to dry-erase markers but produce different results. If you accidentally wrote something down on your custom whiteboard with a permanent marker, don’t worry; it’s easy to clean off. Keep reading to find different methods to remove permanent markers from the whiteboard.

Dry Erase Marker

  • It may come as a surprise, but dry-erase markers act as a solvent for permanent marker ink. Use a dark dry-erase marker to scribble over the permanent marker. Cover the entire mark with a dry-erase marker. Wipe the whiteboard with an eraser or a soft microfiber cloth before the ink can dry. This will lift the marks.

Rubbing Alcohol

  • Another solvent that helps dissolve permanent markers from a dry-erase whiteboard is rubbing alcohol. Take 70% isopropyl alcohol and fill it in a spray bottle. Alternatively, you can use the corner of a microfiber cloth. 

Spray isopropyl alcohol on the whiteboard and wipe it with the help of a non-abrasive cloth till the stain is lifted. Pre-packaged alcohol wipes can also remove the permanent marker from a whiteboard surface.

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Hand Sanitizer

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers break down permanent marker ink. Apply a small amount of sanitizer on a clean microfiber cloth. Use this microfiber cloth to wipe the marks on the whiteboard's surface. As you work into the marks, keep wiping the residues off with a clean section of the cloth to prevent streaks.

Glass Cleaner Solution

  • Glass cleaner solution usually contains alcohol and can help treat stubborn permanent marker ink. Any commercial glass cleaner product can be used for this purpose. Spray the solution over the permanent marker onto your whiteboard and allow it to sit for a few seconds. Wipe it off with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.


  • Acetone is a colorless volatile liquid solvent usually known as a nail paint remover. It works well to remove permanent marks on a whiteboard surface. Apply a small amount of acetone on the corner of a microfiber cloth and gently rub it over the permanent marker in small circles. 

Once the stains are entirely removed, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and dry it off to remove excess acetone from your whiteboard.

Hair Spray 

  • Hairspray dissolves the maker’s ink and makes it easy to remove. Spray a layer of hairspray over the permanent marker and leave it for a few seconds. Wipe your whiteboard clean with a paper towel. If your whiteboard feels sticky, take a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the whiteboard.


  • Toothpaste can be used to gently scrub the marks off a dry-erase board. Put a small amount of toothpaste on the corner of a microfiber cloth and apply some water. Work this paste gently onto the surface of the whiteboard. Scrub until the ink of the permanent marker begins to break. 

When the marks are completely removed, wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove the residue. Use just a light pressure to scrub the marker. Pressing down too hard may result in damaging the coating on the whiteboard.

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remove permanent marker from whiteboardVinegar helps break down permanent marker stains from the whiteboard surface. White vinegar, commonly used in the kitchen, can be used for this purpose. Apply a small amount of the vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe the permanent marker with this damp cloth. Use a clean, soft cloth to dry the area. If the ink is stubborn, repeat the process twice or thrice until the stains come off.

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