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Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!

The Key Benefits Of eGlass Lightboards For Effective Learning

Harnessing the benefits of eGlass lightboards - Your guide to more effective learning

In the evolving world of education technology, eGlass lightboards have emerged as a transformative tool for teachers and learners alike. These lightboards offer an innovative approach to visual communication and learning. Lightboard technology bridges the gap between traditional blackboards and digital presentations and enhances the educational experience in unique and impactful ways. Explore the key benefits of eGlass lightboards in this article.

What are eGlass Lightboards?

  • eGlass lightboards are cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the creation of engaging video content by keeping the audience captivated. These are transparent glass whiteboards equipped with LED lighting that channels through the entire board. The lightboard uses a principle known as internal reflection, which, combined with the use of neon markers for writing on the glass, causes the light to refract in such a way that the writing visibly illuminates.

One of the unique features of eGlass lightboards is that presenters can write on the glass while facing their audience, creating a more direct and engaging interaction. This is particularly effective in educational and professional presentations, as it maintains eye contact and improves the clarity of visual communication.

Benefits of eGlass Lightboards

  • Lightboards, such as eGlass, offer a range of benefits that enhance the learning experience. Some of the noteworthy benefits include:

Gaze Guidance

  • One key benefit of eGlass lightboards is gaze guidance, which improves the educational impact of video content. Gaze guidance occurs when an instructor visually engages with their material and their audience simultaneously. Traditional video lectures often lose this element, as instructors may primarily face either the audience or the board but not both. 

Lightboards change this dynamic by allowing instructors to maintain eye contact with the audience while writing or illustrating concepts on the board. This dual engagement helps listeners stay focused and interested when the instructor looks at them, even through a screen. Moreover, by shifting their gaze between the board and the audience, instructors can naturally emphasize points, making it easier for learners to follow and understand complex information.

Real-Time Creation of Graphics

  • Instructors can create graphics and illustrations on the board as they deliver their lectures rather than relying on pre-drawn visuals. This real-time content creation offers several advantages for learning. It creates interest and engagement in the audience. 

Viewers are more likely to stay focused and attentive when they witness the creation of visuals right before their eyes. Drawing during the lecture encourages active participation from both the instructor and the audience. It allows for spontaneous explanations and clarifications, fostering a more interactive learning experience.

Boost Student Engagement

  • The eGlass Lightboard builds a sense of direct connection between students and presenters. Your gestures and body language enhance key written points, all while ensuring you never have to turn your back to write.

eGlass Lightboards are Flexible & Dynamic

  • benefits of eglass lightboards
    eGlass works well in both bright and dim environments, allowing you to adjust your background brightness effortlessly using the control panel, ensuring clear visibility of your writing at all times. Moreover, they are equipped with virtual camera features and are compatible with all video conferencing platforms.

Observe Your Audience

  • Observing your students' or listeners' reactions to your writing and gestures gives you an idea about their engagement levels and identifies areas where they may need assistance with the lesson.

Transform your teaching and presentation style with eGlass lightboards. Explore our range of eGlass Lightboards and enhance your educational impact today. For more information call us at (973) 926-1600 or email us at sales@nyblackboard with inquiries and pricing. New York Blackboard has been selling high-quality products since 1944. We are located in New Jersey. 

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