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3 Must Know Types Of Room Dividers

Read below to find out the different types of room dividers and how to choose the right one for your needs

A room divider acts as an economical and decorative wall for a home that divides a large space into smaller areas. It provides you privacy without building a wall. Room dividers come in different sizes, materials, and heights. We have listed the three basic types of room dividers to help you choose the best type for your space.

Accordion Room Divider

  • Best for larger spaces, accordion room dividers contain multiple panels. The tall panels are made of durable material connected by hinges that allow easier folding to different degrees. They are portable, easy to set up, and do not require installation. Instead, you have to unfold them, and they are ready to spruce up your space. Accordion dividers are freestanding, which means they stand directly on the floor. Since they require a stable frame to stand, accordion room dividers have a wide footprint. 

They are more suitable for larger spaces and do not fit in limited spaces. The accordion effect can be reduced or extended based on the space requirement. These room dividers are typically inexpensive. The cost varies based on the length and material you choose. Moreover, they do not require any installed equipment. Therefore, the cost is further reduced. They attractively create a separate space in a large area that lacks walls.

Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Room Divider

  • It is a practical workplace tool that also provides safe separation between workspaces. Mobile magnetic whiteboard room divider promotes productivity while encouraging privacy and safe social distancing. The panels are tall and have double-sided, magnetic dry-erase surfaces. In addition, the whiteboard room divider is mobile and can conveniently move to any part of the room. The tall dry-erase surface extends nearly to the floor and is perfect for office layouts. 

Moreover, several mobile whiteboard room dividers can be combined to create a separate work area and an entire whiteboard wall. It comes with a robust and durable frame that supports the whiteboard surface. The lockable casters allow the whiteboard to be easily moved wherever needed while keeping it stable and sturdy. The double-sided whiteboard provides an option to write on both surfaces. They are a creative way to save the cost of building a wall in an ample space that lacks cubicles or separate working space. 

Acoustic Room Divider

  • 3 types of room dividersAcoustic room dividers are sound-reducing office partitions that offer a quick and cost-efficient option to divide workspaces. They require minimal assembly and are effortless to set up. Freestanding room dividers are much more attractive than curtains. In addition, they are easier to install and remove. Moreover, they are known for effectively diffusing direct acoustic reflections and are preferred over curtains. The best thing about acoustic room dividers is that they are made of polyethylene material known for insulation and acoustic properties. 

Acoustic room dividers are excellent for those who prefer eco-friendly options over synthetic materials. They can be bought separately or in packs to create a wide acoustic wall. It has zippered extension panels that can be zipped together to create larger dividers. The panels can be wrapped around desks and tables to create personalized spaces in different shapes and configurations. The attractive color options complement any interior. Acoustic room dividers absorb up to 85% of the noise that passes through them, thus making them a must-have for open work environments. 

Increase the privacy and functionality of your living space by installing acoustic or whiteboard room dividers. If you want to purchase the perfect room divider for all your needs, contact New York Blackboard at 973-926-1600. We have all the options you want, ranging from varieties in sizes, colors, and designs. Browse through our list to get high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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