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Understanding The Different Types Of Whiteboard Surfaces

A comprehensive guide to understanding the different types of whiteboard surfaces

A wide range of options is available when it comes to choosing whiteboards. Whiteboards vary based on their price, surface material, and purpose. However, the surface type affects a whiteboard's durability, longevity, and erasability. To help you sort through the information and make the best choice, we have listed different types of whiteboard surfaces and their features.

Glass Whiteboards

  • Glass whiteboards are best of the best dry-erase boards. These modern boards bring a touch of sophistication to any space and are widely popular in newly remodeled offices and classrooms. They are made with tempered glass and are highly durable. Glass whiteboards resist scratches and dents.

In addition, the smooth glass surface provides an ideal writing surface and will not leave any stains or marks behind on erasing. They offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic. Furthermore, glass whiteboards provide outstanding performance while boasting a sleek and contemporary look that enhances any workspace. The frameless design and range of color options make it easy to coordinate the board with any decor.

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Porcelain Whiteboards

  • Porcelain whiteboards are the best alternative to glass whiteboards. If you prefer traditional boards, porcelain whiteboards are the right choice. These boards have a smooth porcelain surface for easy writing and a steel backing that enables magnetic use. Unlike glass, porcelain is not as thick, allowing magnet attachment on these boards.
In addition, porcelain whiteboards feature a non-porous surface that prevents marker ink from seeping into the board. They are also resistant to staining and ghosting. Furthermore, porcelain is highly durable and resists scratches or dents. These boards are ideal for heavy use in conference rooms, schools, and shared spaces. However, porcelain boards are heavier than traditional glass or whiteboards. So, select a sturdy location for mounting the board.

Painted Steel Whiteboards

  • Painted steel whiteboards are traditional dry-erase boards typically found in classrooms, conference rooms, home offices, and kitchens. They are magnetic and offer a smooth writing surface. They have a steel backing with a white base color and a clear performance coating, providing dry-erase functionality. Painted steel whiteboards are less durable than glass boards, but frequent cleaning can prolong their lifespan.
They come in various styles and finishes, but the most high-performing painted steel boards are part of the nano-clean collection. These boards have a proprietary coating applied to their surface that seals the board at the nanoscale, making them more resistant to ink stains, ghosting, and scratches than standard painted steel whiteboards.

Melamine Whiteboards

  • types of whiteboard surfacesIf a heavy-duty whiteboard is not for you, go for a melamine whiteboard. It is perfect for personal or occasional use. Melamine boards are great for small home offices, study rooms, workshops, or laundry rooms. In addition, they are non-magnetic and have a dry-erase coating. This coating is less durable than the coating on a painted steel board. Therefore, melamine whiteboards require frequent cleanings to preserve the board's surface.

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However, melamine boards are the most affordable whiteboard option. The best-performing melamine boards are treated with a secondary coating called total erase. The coating improves the erasability of the board and helps prevent staining and ghosting. This makes the board suitable for moderate usage. The total erase coating is also available for application on painted steel boards.

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