Black Chalkboard | Plastic A-Frame
Black Chalkboard | Plastic A-Frame

Black Chalkboard | Plastic A-Frame

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Unbeatable price to provide movement and attention to your stores!

This Plastic A-frame sign can be used either indoors or outdoors as a pavement signmenu board sign, or sandwich board sign . This is our least expensive plastic A-frame sign. Cheap yet practical, this pavement signage provides quick setup, easy movement, compact storage, and rapid change.

It’s up to you to adhere to posters or write a message. Made from plastic polystyrene, this A-frame sign should be used with vinyl-adhered text or with taped-on signs. Please note that markers will leave permanent markings. For writing on products please see related items on this page. When not in use, this plastic pavement signage folds flat for compact storage.

This double-sided Plastic A-frame sign is a great attention grabber ensuring your ads are seen from any direction. All you need to do is to feature on these sidewalk signs what your prospective customers want.

As clear as crystal, these cheap sidewalk signs are a must-have for retail shops, restaurants, parking lots, and many more to lead customers to their doors. Sandwich board signs are effective advertising tools at good deal prices, ready to ship from stock. For large-volume orders, keep in touch with us!

  • All boards come with a box of White Chalk and an Eraser