Bulletin Board Buyer's Guide: How To Choose A New Bulletin Board

Check out bulletin boards buyer’s guide and some crucial things to think about before purchasing

Bulletin boards have been used for displaying information for centuries. The traditional bulletin boards were made of cork. However, contemporary bulletin boards are available in various materials, colors, and styles. We have listed some essential factors to consider while buying a new bulletin board.

Size And Placement

  • Bulletin boards are commonly installed in entrance areas, school hallways, churches, and other places where you may need to display announcements, showcase work, or provide vital information. However, the size of the bulletin board you choose will be determined by the number of pieces you wish to post. 

For instance, a large bulletin board with lots of space will be a distraction in an office. On the other hand, school hallways can use a large bulletin board to showcase students' thoughts and ideas. The general rule is to purchase bulletin boards that hold multiple pieces without looking too cluttered.

Material Of The Bulletin Board


  • A corkboard is an excellent option for offices and other workplaces. Cork is a solid and durable material that allows for securing several notices simultaneously. In addition, cork is a sustainable material that can be dressed up to match the décor of your office or workplace.

Vinyl Covered Bulletin Board

  • Vinyl-covered anti-microbial boards are an excellent choice for healthcare settings and classrooms. The board's surface can be easily wiped with a cleaning solution to prevent the spread of germs.

Fabric-Covered Bulletin Board

  • This is another excellent option for school settings, as it can accommodate pushpins and staples without causing holes in the board.

Rubber Composite Bulletin Board

  • Made of recycled rubber tires, rubber composite boards are sturdy, durable, and attractive. In addition, rubber composite boards are environmentally friendly and can survive heavy use without showing signs of damage.

Combination Boards

  • Consider choosing a combination marker/bulletin board if you rarely post items on a bulletin board. The multifunctional combination boards are available in various configurations to fit the individual setups. 

For example, you can have one part of the board designated for bulletin use and another for the marker board. In addition, some of the traditional combination boards allow users to move the bulletin or marker board to create more space needed in one medium. 

Color Of The Board

  • A plain bulletin board can be completely covered with colored paper or fabric to brighten its appearance. In addition, bulletin boards are also found in neutral colors, such as blue, gray, and black, or bright colors, such as red. 

However, fabric-covered bulletin boards come in tans, dark blues, and light grays. Although cork is typically found in lighter shades, colorful cork boards can liven up your space. Darker varieties, such as blacks and browns, are also available.


  • bulletin boards buyers guide for newbiesTrim may or may not be essential in choosing your perfect bulletin board. Several bulletin boards are available in wood laminate trims. Wrapped edge bulletin boards that look more like a piece of functional wall art are popularly used in offices.

With so many options, buyers may need help selecting the most effective type of bulletin board for their space. Therefore, it is essential to consider the location, overall style, and the number of posts you plan to display on your bulletin board. This will help you choose a perfect fit for your needs.

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