!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!
!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!

5 Reasons To Choose Metal Prints Over Traditional Prints

Why you should choose metal prints for your next art piece

Although several types of prints are available for artwork, metal prints are far superior and more popular than traditional prints. The quality, uniqueness, customizability, and overall appearance of metal prints are matchless. Due to its unique properties, metal is considered an excellent material for the artwork. Keep reading to learn why people choose metal prints over traditional prints.

Last For Generations

  • Metal prints stand out as the most durable option among their counterparts. They have a remarkable lifespan as long as they are well-maintained and not exposed to direct sunlight. While paper curls over time and glass are prone to fading and becoming cloudy, metal prints protect and display quality images for years.
In addition, they offer superior protection due to their scratch-resistant nature. Unlike glass, which can easily shatter or crack when accidentally dropped, metal prints can withstand drops without sustaining damage. With proper care and attention, metal prints can endure the test of time and retain their original quality for generations.

Meet Individual Requirements

  • Metal prints offer extensive customization options to suit individual preferences. These prints can be personalized to fit specific needs, ensuring each print is unique. In addition, metal prints can be hung in various ways due to the numerous mounting options available, such as floating wall mounts, metal kickstands, magnetic brackets, or acrylic display stands. This flexibility allows for greater creativity in displaying the prints in unique and visually appealing ways.
Moreover, metal prints offer various framing options, from modern to vintage and timeless styles. The frames can be tailored to match personal tastes and complement existing décor. Unlike traditional framed prints, metal prints do not necessarily require frames, and the absence of glass eliminates the risk of glares and streaky marks.

Sustainable And Eco-friendly Option

  • Metal prints are an eco-friendly alternative to other printing methods. The dye sublimation process used for metal printing is the best choice for environmental sustainability. Unlike traditional printing processes that produce chemical waste, metal printing using dye sublimation eliminates the production of chemical waste. In addition, metal printing significantly reduces environmental impact, making it a more environmentally friendly printing method.

Enhance the Aesthetics Of a Space

  • Metal prints offer undeniable aesthetic appeal and are an excellent choice for adding a touch of sophistication to any home. These high-definition art pieces can be tailored to individual preferences and complement any décor.
One of the unique features of metal prints is that they can be displayed without frames, providing modern, clean aesthetics. Additionally, metal prints bring out the best colors in the images, resulting in high-quality, eye-catching prints that will capture the attention. Additionally, the colors in the images can be customized to match the interior.

Pain-Free Maintenance

  • choose metal printsKeeping metal prints clean is effortless and straightforward. Unlike other prints, such as paper, glass, or canvas, metal prints can be easily wiped clean whenever needed. The dye used in metal printing is underneath a surface coating, making it easy to clean with a soft, dry microfiber cloth.

However, if tougher stains are present, a wet cloth can be used without the risk of damaging the print. This feature makes metal prints popular for spaces prone to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. In contrast, cleaning and maintaining traditional prints is far more challenging and requires special care to prevent damage.

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