How to Choose the Best Metal Print for Your Space?

The ultimate guide to choosing the best metal print for your space

With high-definition image quality, metal prints are durable and long-lasting for artwork and decor. However, there are several essential factors to consider when purchasing a metal photo print. Read this comprehensive guide to discover how to choose the perfect metal print for any kind of space.

Types of Metal Prints

Multiple variations of metal prints are available to achieve the desired overall appearance of your artwork. Each of these print types offers unique features. These include:

3DHD Infused Prints

Chromaluxe Dye-sub Prints

  • Using thermal sublimation, Chromaluxe prints display striking colors contrasted by a white polymer finish. These prints are ideal for showcasing photographs with bright, colorful scenery, such as sunsets or ocean waves.

Dibond Brushed Aluminum Prints

  • UV-cured ink is sprayed directly onto the metal surface to create these prints. A brushed aluminum surface is revealed when the white portion of the image falls off, resulting in a metallic finish. Dibond prints are an excellent option for achieving an industrial appearance and are ideal for printing monochromatic, black-and-white, or abstract photos.
When selecting the best aluminum print, consider the photo's subject and the style you wish to achieve.

Types of Finishes

  • There are a variety of finish options for your metal print. A brushed metal surface may be ideal if you prefer a more rustic or darker style. This option allows the silver basecoat to shine through the image, enhancing the metallic aspects and muting the colors. On the other hand, if you prefer a brighter and warmer look, an actual color surface with a white base coat may be a better fit. This finish option allows the colors of the image to pop and resonate with the viewer.
Both surface types are available in a glossy finish, which gives a vibrant look to the image, and a matte finish, which provides a more subdued and muted appearance. Once you've chosen your preferred finish, consider the size of your metal print based on available space and personal preference.

Size of Metal Prints

  • When selecting the ideal size for your metal print, it's essential to consider various factors such as spacing, home decor, indoor or outdoor use, and personal style preferences. Then, choose the size that best suits your desired look, from mini to large.


  • Mini metal prints are available in 5x5 and 6x6 sizes and often come in two or three sets. They are perfect for personalizing smaller spaces such as an office or bathroom. Use clear images that will have an impact even in a small size. Close-up and single shots work best for mini metal prints.


  • Small to medium prints are available in sizes 8x10, 10x14, 10x24, 12x12, and 12x36. They are often displayed above headboards and couches or used to create an impressive entryway display. Common prints include family portraits, wedding photos, and special memories with groups of people. Since these images are larger than mini, close-ups are not a necessity.

Large and Oversized

  • best metal print Oversized and large metal prints are an excellent way to transform your favorite photos into high-definition art. These prints often showcase landscapes, bold scenery, action shots, or large groups of people. They are available in sizes such as 16x16, 16x20, 20x30, and 24x36, making a powerful statement in any space due to their size and brilliance.
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