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Cognitive Benefits Of Using Whiteboards In Classrooms

Here is the list of 6 remarkable cognitive benefits of using whiteboards in classrooms

Nowadays, writable surfaces can be seamlessly integrated into learning environments by adding mobile whiteboards, handheld whiteboards, tabletop whiteboard surfaces, etc. These whiteboard surfaces allow students to display their thoughts, exchange ideas, and engage in brainstorming sessions. This article uncovers how incorporating whiteboards in educational settings can enhance students' cognitive abilities.

Enhance Analytical Thinking

  • The broad surface of whiteboards facilitates analytical reasoning by utilizing tools like flowcharts, outlines, word lists, pros and cons assessments, and similar techniques. Outlines, for instance, enable the linear representation of foundational data—a cognitive process typically attributed to the left hemisphere. 

Similarly, flowcharts are a visual representation of processes, systems, or algorithms. In addition, they provide a comprehensive view of sequences by documenting, studying, organizing, enhancing, and conveying processes through diagrams. Flowcharts are ideal for bolstering complex concepts in simple ways, and wider-surfaced whiteboards are perfect for this purpose.

Boost Numerical Skills

  • Research emphasizes the effectiveness of a hands-on approach in enhancing students' mathematical skills. By actively engaging in whiteboard activities like problem-solving through written expression, students gain the ability to inquire, provide solutions, and utilize these written exercises as visual aids for learning. 

In addition, whiteboards allow instructors to present visual cues such as pictorial charts and essential procedures, offering students a more solid grasp of mathematical strategies than conventional textbooks. Thus strengthening their learning and cognitive abilities.

Bolster Memory

  • Whiteboards are a dynamic learning tool that engages students’ bodies and brains in learning by holding their attention. Writing on the whiteboard enhances alertness and triggers memory. In addition, movements enable students to regain their focus and pay more attention. Multiple senses are engaged while working on a whiteboard, thus fostering more learning styles. 

Psychologists prove that when written information is paired with visual information, it results in better memory and recall. When students write on the whiteboard surface, it develops an awareness of their body movements. Thus allowing students to gain confidence and body control while communicating with people. This is an excellent way to train students for their future careers.

Deeper Understanding Of Concepts

  • Recent studies indicate that the inclination toward keyboard-equipped devices like computers, laptops, and tablets decreases the cognitive benefits of writing. For instance, a study from 2017 uncovered that handwriting enhances memory retention for new information. 

This is because brain regions associated with learning display higher activity during manual writing than keyboard usage. According to researchers, handwriting facilitates a more profound grasp of new information through a process known as deep encoding that cannot be achieved through keyboard input.

Unleash Creative Abilities

  • Due to their wider surface and effortless erasability, whiteboards act as ideal canvases for fostering creative thinking and visualization. The generous space allows students to convey ideas through a combination of handwritten text and illustrative drawings, charts, and graphs in virtually limitless ways. 

This approach can significantly enhance concentration during brainstorming sessions, meetings, or conferences. A recent study suggests that manual handwriting can unlock creativity that remains less accessible through alternative means.

Enhance Visual Thinking

  • benefits of using whiteboards
    Visual thinking is a technique that enhances the organization of thoughts, fostering improved cognitive abilities and communication skills. This method is particularly effective for conveying intricate or confusing information. Whiteboards strengthen visual thinking as written and visual information allows the knowledge to flow more flexibly.

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