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Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!

4 Interesting Facts About Metal Prints

4 facts about metal prints that will change the way you display art

From its modern production process to enhancing the visual aesthetics of any space, metal prints have taken the art and photography world by storm. Modern, high-definition metal prints provide a stunning way to turn your cherished memories into wall artwork for your home or office. Uncover the unique qualities that make metal prints stand out, and explore fascinating facts that make metal prints a truly remarkable form of artistic expression.

Metal Prints Are Contemporary Art Pieces

  • Metal prints are contemporary and visually striking wall art pieces with sleek, industrial appearance and high-definition details. Aluminum with a white base coat is used as the printing surface, intensifying any image's color. These exquisite art pieces are produced using the highest image quality and make a wonderful addition to any home decor. 

Metal prints can display your favorite photos in vivid and dynamic colors. In addition, metal prints are scratch-resistant, waterproof, and durable, making them versatile pieces of decor suitable for any space.

Optimal Lightening Enhances The Vibrancy Of Metal Prints

  • Halogen, bright white incandescent, or full-spectrum LED bulbs with a high color rendering index (CRI) are ideal for displaying metal prints. These bulbs will ensure that the colors on the print appear accurately and vividly. Although indirect natural daylight can also be used to display metal prints, it must be indirect to prevent fading over time. The print's appearance may change throughout the day due to natural lighting conditions. Using bulbs with a CRI of 90 or higher will provide consistent results when comparing different types of prints. 

So, it's best to choose lighting that mimics natural daylight as much as possible to ensure that the colors in the metal print appear as vibrant as possible. However, avoid using standard fluorescent bulbs as they emit light partially absorbed or scattered by the metal print surface, causing the green part of the spectrum to reflect more than other colors. This can result in metameric failure, where the print appears differently under different types of lighting. In addition, metal prints should not be displayed in areas with direct sunlight, which can lead to color changes and fading.

They Complement Any Interior Decor

  • Metal prints offer a remarkable and sophisticated image quality that preserves the artwork's intricate details and vibrant hues. Their durability, resistance to scratches, and ability to endure harsh weather conditions make them an excellent choice. 

In addition, their enduring nature can maintain the exceptional quality of your artwork for years. Moreover, metal prints seamlessly complement the interior decor, blending modernity with aesthetics. The maintenance of metal prints is a breeze, requiring a simple brush-off of dust using a microfiber cloth.

Metal Prints Are Worth The Investment

  • facts about metal prints
    Metal wall decor is an excellent canvas for vibrant photographs and intricate designs. Their smooth, luminous surface allows vivid colors and intricate details to shine, whether your image has large areas in focus or features a selective focus. In addition, metal prints are highly customizable, making them a perfect fit for those seeking a personalized touch to their artwork. 

Their versatility in mounting options and a wide range of choices, such as floating wall mounts, magnetic brackets, or acrylic display stands, allows you to hang them in any way that best suits your taste and space. Moreover, metal prints offer various framing options, ranging from sleek modern styles to more vintage and timeless designs. The lack of glass in the frame also eliminates glare, allowing the viewer to enjoy the artwork in its full glory without any distractions.

Transform your home or office with stunning and durable metal prints. At NYBB, we utilize ChromaLuxe’s coating technology to infuse images on metal sheets to create exceptionally long-lasting and stunning metal prints. This perfect combination of artistry and durability offers customers an unparalleled visual experience. Visit our website now to choose from our range of high-quality metal prints and find the perfect piece that reflects your style and aesthetics. New York Blackboard offers various customizable metal prints, including sizes, colors, and designs, to perfectly fit your vision. Call us at (973) 926-1600 to get started.

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