!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!
!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!

4 Clever Ways To Display Metal Prints In Your Home

Explore the endless 4 ways to display metal prints in your home

The versatility of metal prints does not just end at the range of image or graphic options, but it extends to various mounting, hanging, and display options. Since metal prints do not require protective glass, they can be safely displayed in different ways to give them a sleek and modern look. Read here the clever ways to hang your metal prints.

Free Standing Easel Display

  • The free-standing easel is a straightforward yet attractive option for displaying smaller prints. It involves attaching the easel to the back of the metal prints with glue or double-sided tape, creating a stable and aesthetically pleasing display.
Easels are constructed using durable, folded aluminum and are available for purchase through the online store. This is a cost-effective and practical choice for showcasing smaller metal prints. However, the easel display option for prints larger than approximately A3 is unsuitable.

Tab Shadow Mount

  • For smaller prints no larger than A3 size, the tab shadow mount is an excellent choice for wall mounting. This mounting option includes a sturdy metal tab fixed to the center of the top edge on the back of the metal print. Additionally, small plastic spacers are fixed to the bottom corners of the print.
In addition, standard picture hooks, screws, or nails can be used to hang the print on the wall. This method creates a unique shadow effect by providing a few millimeters of clearance between the print and the wall. Some prints come with the kit already attached to the picture panel, making it easy to hang it immediately.

Frame Shadow Mount

  • Larger prints work better with a frame shadow mount. This mounting option provides a clean and stylish shadow effect with about 20mm of clearance from the wall. The frame shadow mount system comprises a lightweight aluminum frame that is custom-sized to fit each print precisely. The frame runs inset around the edges on the back side of the print and has bevel-joined corners, providing additional stability for larger panels.
The shadow frame kit comes with a mounting bar and screw system. To install, you need to fix the bar into position on the wall, ensure it's straight using a spirit level, and then slide the frame on the back of the print into it. Hanging a print with a frame shadow mount kit is easy. Additionally, if the bar is fixed to the wall correctly, your print will always sit straight.

Frameless Display

  • display metal prints in your home
    The frameless option provides just the aluminum print panel without mounting attachments or accessories. This option is ideal if you plan to use glue or double-sided tape to attach the panel directly to a wall or surface or if you have a custom frame that you would like to use with your print. However, this option is not ideal for larger print sizes, especially panoramic prints. A frame shadow mount is a better option in these cases as it increases your print's strength and stability.

Various mounting options provide maximum flexibility, so you can create the display that best suits your preferences and needs. Consider the available space and how you ideally want to showcase your prints to find the perfect position for your metal prints.

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