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!!! approx. 3-4 Week Lead Time for Orders in the Summer!!! -- Please Call Us at 973-926-1600 with Any Inquiries!

What Are Bulletin Boards? Types And Uses Explained

What are bulletin boards, their varieties, and purposes?

Often found in dormitory corridors, well-trafficked hallways, classrooms, lobbies, home offices, kitchens, and kids rooms bulletin boards are used to post notices, announce events, and provide information. They are more commonly found in educational settings. This article discusses different bulletin boards and highlights their uses in classrooms.

What Are Bulletin Boards?

  • Also known as a pinboard or noticeboard, a bulletin board is a surface intended for displaying notices that give information about something. They enable users to send and receive messages of common interest. They are often made of cork which facilitates easier addition and removal of messages. 

Bulletin boards are also made by combining a corkboard and a writing surface, such as a blackboard or whiteboard. This type of bulletin board is known as a combination bulletin board.

Types And Uses Of Bulletin Boards In Classrooms

  • Whether for displaying event notices or classroom calendars, bulletin boards are essential to educational settings. They can spruce up a dull and bare wall and act as a colorful wall decoration. They can be used to display student work, reinforce lessons, or provide information to students.

Bulletin boards are an impressive learning tool for classrooms ranging from preschool to high school and university levels. Bulletin boards serve different purposes and can be made differently depending on the purpose. Here are some commonly used types of bulletin boards in classrooms.

Aesthetic Boards

  • Aesthetic boards are made visually appealing and compel the students to think about the subject being displayed. They help teach a better understanding of the topic. They are an excellent way to get students excited and engaged.
  • Offered in a variety of materials such as; Natural Tan Cork, Forbo Pinboard Linoleum, Fabric Bulletin Boards with Guilford of Maine Fabric, and Vinyl Bulletin Boards with Koroseal Vinyl. 
  • These variations come in an endless array of colors to match any decor.  With New York Blackboard’s unique imaging ability you can personalize and explore any possible graphic with a four color process.  Coupled with the many offerings of Frames achieving your desired look and feel is easy. 

Aesthetic boards are a great learning tool for children who are visual learners, as they help them visualize what is being told. Most classrooms use a decorative bulletin board to display a theme such as seasons, holidays, or welcome back-to-school notes.

Interactive Boards

  • As the name indicates, interactive boards allow students to interact and participate in class activities. These boards usually contain matter that needs to be filled up, such as queries. They require extensive planning and time, but they prove to be indispensable learning tools if done right. Interactive boards can be an excellent tool to promote skills like recognition, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination.

Informative Boards

  • The purpose of these boards is to relay important information to students. For this reason, the matter is visually limited and enlists only the necessary details. However, they can also be illustrated visually to reinforce a skill or concept. 

Informative boards are used to supplement a current lesson plan or subject. They provide information about an upcoming test, change of schedule, or introduce new materials. In addition, they can be used for displaying maps, timetables, periodic tables, etc. 

Sharing Boards

  • what are bulletin boardsSharing boards are used for displaying student work, coffee shop bulletins, want ads, tutoring, musical lessons, and meeting groups. They are kept simple and require less planning. These boards typically showcase students’ work and are placed in the hallways outside the classrooms. 

Sharing thoughts and work on the board encourages a positive class culture. In addition, it helps maximize learning and personal skill development. Sharing boards motivate students to learn from each other and allow them to feel they belong in the classroom.

Foster student engagement and share events and plans. Contact New York Blackboard today for all sorts of framed, unframed, portrait, landscape, wood framed, aluminum framed or wrapped fabric bulletin boards. We will help you choose the best bulletin board according to your budget, usage, and setting. New York Blackboard has been selling handcrafted Chalkboards, Whiteboards, Bulletin Boards since 1944. We are located in New Jersey.

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