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6 Reasons Why Whiteboards Are A Classroom Essential

 Here is the the top 6 reasons why whiteboards are a classroom essential

In this golden age of high-definition monitors and touchscreen digital devices, traditional dry-erase whiteboards are popular in classrooms more than ever. This article lists five reasons that make whiteboards an excellent learning tool and a classroom essential.


Convenient And Reusable

  • Whiteboards are easy to use. They can be mounted on walls or adjusted in mobile easels. They do not require any power or special skills. Just like their blackboard counterparts, whiteboards are reusable. The content written on a whiteboard can be seamlessly and quickly erased. 

This allows them to be reused for a quick explanation and spontaneous work during a lecture. They are convenient for explaining math problems, matching exercises, and discussion activities.

Effective For Multiple Uses

  • Whiteboards are inexpensive and come in various sizes and price ranges. Whiteboards are a classroom essential that can be used for several purposes. They allow you to write or project on them, attach materials on the surface with magnets, and much more. 

Whiteboards are effective for brainstorming sessions that require quick and spontaneous feedback. You do not have to connect them to electrical outlets; they can be used anytime. Some of the common types of whiteboards include:

  • Laminate whiteboards
  • Magnetic drywipe boards
  • Lacquered steel whiteboards
  • Portable easel whiteboards
  • Two-hinged paneled whiteboards 
  • Hand-held whiteboards

Eliminate The Risk Of Allergy

  • Whiteboards do not produce any mess or harmful particles that cause allergies. Whiteboard markers can be conveniently used without leaving any dust particles on hands, clothes, or other surfaces. On the other hand, blackboards or chalkboards produce chalk dust that is not good for health. 

Increases Motor Skills

  • Whiteboard activities are particularly beneficial for young students. It encourages them to participate and improve their fine motor skills. These motor skills are developed through movements. Students working on vertical surfaces like vertical whiteboards support progression toward dexterity. 

In addition, whiteboards enable students to control their movements and promote an upright posture. Furthermore, engagement of core muscles and hand and shoulder movements builds strength and improves coordination.

Improves Cognition And Engagement

  • Engaging students’ minds and bodies is essential to create an effective teaching and learning environment. Working on a whiteboard allows teachers to grab and maintain students’ attention. In addition, during a discussion or quiz session, students must work on the whiteboard while standing. 

This increases their alertness and allows them to engage effectively in classroom activities. Visual, sensory, motor, as well as socio-emotional skills are utilized by working on a whiteboard. Thus, allowing students to be more creative and productive. Writing and drawing on the whiteboard engages the students physically and mentally, thus boosting their cognitive skills.

Greater Flexibility

  • Whiteboards are a popular option for teachers who are committed to using an active teaching style and want to expand beyond specific settings. Whiteboards at the front of the class serve many purposes, from sharing instructions and formulas with students to facilitating small-group activities or presentations throughout the class. On the other hand, a mobile whiteboard can be moved around to provide ample work surfaces for small group activities and various teaching styles.

Whiteboards can engage both the body and the brain in the learning process. This makes them a great learning tool for students. 

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