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6 Innovative Uses Of Bulletin Boards In Schools

Here top uses of bulletin boards and innovative ways to engage students and boost learning

Schools often use bulletin boards to showcase student work, inspire students, and share essential reminders. Knowing how to use these interactive tools can enhance student learning and improve the classroom environment. This article explores the innovative uses of bulletin boards to keep students engaged.

Create a Word Wall

  • A word wall is a classroom bulletin board that displays unfamiliar words and their meanings. To make it more effective, teachers can create a themed word wall that aligns with current lessons and update it regularly with new words.
Alternatively, you can add new words to the wall throughout the year, from the beginning to the end of the last quarter, to help students visualize all the words they've learned.

Design a Literary Genres Bulletin Board

  • To teach students about various literary genres, teachers can create a bulletin board showcasing different genres, their definitions, unique features, and examples of books.
For added interactivity, consider using flap cards by writing the genre name on the outside and the details on the inside, then staple them to the board. This will allow students to lift the flap and review the information.

Alphabet Boards for Promoting Fluency

  • An alphabet board is valuable for promoting reading fluency in younger students. Start by teaching your students the letter sounds, and gradually add note cards with words that begin with each letter of the alphabet as the year progresses.
Next, encourage students to draw pictures of the words to create a visual aid. This reinforces the letter's sound and meaning while adding a fun element to the board.

Display Inspirational Quotes

  • Bulletin boards featuring inspirational quotes can promote positivity in the classroom. You can choose quotes that align with your school's theme or grade level, such as quotes that inspire hard work or kindness.
Famous quotes, movie lines, book quotes, or poetry lines can be excellent choices for the bulletin board. For older students, you can involve them in the process by asking each of them to suggest a quote, and the class can vote on the best one. The class can also help create the bulletin board once they have selected the quote.

Classroom Rules Bulletin Board

  • A classroom rules bulletin board is an excellent way to keep your students informed of the expectations in the classroom. Teachers can decorate the bulletin board to fit the classroom's theme and place it in a visible location.
For older students, consider leaving the blank paper on the bulletin board and allowing them to create a few classroom rules. They can provide input, and you can write in the rules they choose. This way, students will be more engaged and committed to following the rules.

Bucket Fillers Board

  • uses of bulletin boardsA bucket filler board is an excellent way to instill kindness in students. Create small felt pouches with each student's name every week. Students can write something about a classmate on a sticky note and place it in that person's bucket.

At the end of the week or month, students can read the notes in their buckets and see the kind words their classmates have written about them. This simple activity can foster a culture of kindness in the classroom and promote positive relationships among students.

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