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5 Must-Know Benefits Of Using Whiteboards

Discover the top benefits of using whiteboards and why they're essential for your business or classroom

Classroom walls are an extension of the teaching and learning process, as do the whiteboards. Dry-erase boards foster vertical learning opportunities by maximizing student engagement. This article highlights the benefits of using whiteboards for learning.

Engage Senses And Improve Memory

  • Also known as marker boards and dry-erase boards, whiteboards are more popular than ever. They engage students’ bodies and brains in learning by holding their attention. During classroom tasks, students are invited to perform on the whiteboards. This act of walking to the board enhances alertness and triggers the memory. In addition, movements enable students to regain their focus and pay more attention.
Multiple senses are engaged while working on a whiteboard, thus, fostering more learning styles. Psychologists prove that when written information is paired with visual information, it results in better memory and recall. When students write on the whiteboard surface, it develops an awareness of their body movements. Thus, allowing students to gain confidence and body control while communicating with people. This is an excellent way to train students for their future careers.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

  • Child development scientists say writing on large vertical surfaces allows students to develop control and physical agility. For instance, a child first learns to write in the form of large movements or objects that refine to smaller and well-defined text with time.
In addition, whiteboards encourage students to participate and improve their fine motor skills. For this reason, occupational therapists promote vertical surfaces such as whiteboards in classrooms. Furthermore, engagement of core muscles and hand and shoulder movements builds strength and improves coordination.

Helpful Tool For Teachers

  • Learning at a desk or table is a formal part of teaching. A whiteboard placed in the classroom switches things up. It allows teachers to share their ideas and create a flexible learning environment. Whiteboards are a popular option for teachers who are committed to using an active teaching style and want to expand beyond specific settings.
In addition, whiteboards offer teachers a way to engage students in learning and assessment. This is particularly true in a math class. Students can solve a math problem, explain their thinking, and write an answer on a whiteboard.

Best Alternative To Digital Screens

  • Remote and hybrid learning environments have led to digital fatigue. On the other hand, the large, vertical surfaces of no-tech whiteboards enhance learning and trigger imagination. They offer an effective alternative to glowing screens and improve focus without tiring the eyes.

Promote Creative Learning

  • Large whiteboards provide an easy way to promote creativity and encourage teamwork. In addition, broad whiteboard surfaces enable students to differentiate the content. This fosters deep engagement with content and allows students to learn and remember lessons quickly.
When students walk into a class and see giant whiteboards on the daily agenda, their faces light up with excitement. Whiteboards encourage students to participate in classroom activities. Another benefit of traditional whiteboards is that they instill critical thinking abilities in students. This creates better communication and improves creativity.

Encourage Group Collaboration

  • benefits of using whiteboards Whiteboards take teamwork and group collaboration to new heights. Writing and sharing ideas on the whiteboard frees students to remember important information during group discussions. In addition, sharing that information results in shared group knowledge.
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